Parramatta Blog: May 28, 2016


   Miss Phryne Fisher

(Actor, Essie Davis)


If you are a bit fussy about reading details up front,  just jump on over to the National Trust Website




We always feel a tad envious and in the shadow of the ‘Rich & Famous’ – but only a tad. . .We read that today's celebrities complain about fame and, fame may be more annoying than we have experienced – in our little pond. But in today’s celebrity stratosphere, everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame and many will do a lot to get it! Over and over and over. You have perhaps noticed?





However, if you think fame might rub off when you mingle with famous others, such as a 1920’s fabulously famous female, get on over to the Old Government House Exhibition of’ Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries’ costumes in Parramatta Park. This television show seems to be on a roll – it was first broadcast in 2012 and it is still going strong in 2016.



The costumes on exhibition – primarily high fashion of the gorgeous Miss Fisher – are something to yearn for. Brilliant and bold colours, sleek and shimmy-skinny fabrics – the Twenties’ evening wear is spectacular.  Matching shoes, wraps and oh, so delicate lingerie and sleepwear. The production’s designer, Marion Boyce grabs awards every year and from this exhibition, it’s obvious she deserves accolades and awards.



One special note: MS Boyce has loaned her personal collection of jewellery for the exhibition – unique and unlike other collections you may have seen.


A second special note:  The National Trust created a number of special events that will run during the exhibition:  Behind the Scenes Workshops, Roarin’ 20s Dance Party, Cavalcade of 1920’s Evening Gowns, A Speakeasy Bar night, Lunch with designer Marion Boyce  and Noel, Cole & Gertie: Opera Bites are just a few of the offerings.


Click on over to the website for ALL the details…


A third special note: Old Government House museum shop is rich with 1920's accoutrements – bits and pieces,jewellery, accessories, books and cards, all from the era and from the show – a 2016 Catalogue photos of all the production costumes. Send one to a friend who chose not to come. Envy is bound to surface.


Otherwise, tell all your friends -- (costumes) too gorgeous to be missed!




CENTENARY SQUARE, MARCH 14 - March 24, 2016




Unfortunately photos are not available as Centenary Square undergoes this transition to its future look.  However, we'll give you a link so you can get an mental image of how the excitement and the big physical changes (two tall commercial towers along with a residential building) are shaping up in Centenary Square.


Launch on 14 March is an exciting commissioning of the 'Live Wall Project' -- with high-profile Australian street artists who will entertain us-- those who don't paint, but rather, watch -- creating large-scale artworks along the boardings that surround the Parramatta Square urban renewal project.


We plan to hop on the train and walk around to watch some unique activity -- art created by such names as: 

  • Guido Van Helten
  • Anya Brock
  • James Jirat Patradoon
  • Sid Tapia
  • Anthony Lister
  • Aidan McKenzie
  • Phibs
  • Nico & Jumbo

Parramatta City Council is 'on fire' sponsoring activities these day. Saturday Markets, Eat Street functions and now the Live Wall Project -- all examples of the creativity and thinking outside the box.  Our young friends who live nearby are now going into Parramatta for evening fun and excitement.


And, the Council is getting lots of assist!


Walker Corporation which is developing the buildings on Parramatta Square considers this a landmark project which we assume means BIG! From the artistic side, Work-Shop has partnered with Council to coordinate "Live Walls". Work-Shop is a creative organisation that provides short courses in life skills and alternative art. Take a look at the terrific short video