Elizabeth Farm continues to provide entertaining and educational programs for our kids and for us adult onlookers!  The planners give lots of time and thought to creative activity. This school holiday season begins 1 January 2017 and continues through 29 January.  What we love about Elizabeth Farm is the hands-on approach. Fun is interactive, really a learning experience! Imagine washing clothes with a washboard!  Cooking in a kitchen with no lighting could definitely be a challenge!



Elizabeth Farm Holiday Schedule 10am – 4pm

Closed Xmas Day Sun 25th December

Closed Boxing Day Mon 26th Dec

Closed Public Holiday Tues 27th Dec

School Holidays: Open every day from 1st to Sunday 29 January

EFTea Room : Open every day from 1st to Sunday 29 January


Hands-on activities for children

  • Go back in time and be a convict servant for the Macarthurs by doing the washing just as they did in the 1800s.  
  • Bring a picnic or purchase our delicious cakes and scones from the Elizabeth Farm tearoom, open every day during school holidays 10am to 4pm and on weekends at other times.
  • Use our interactive ipad to follow your special interests and find out more as you wander the house, or lounge on the verandah.
  • Street Car parking is free or, for a great day out, catch the ferry up Parramatta River, the wharf is a 10 minute walk away.

Tours are held on the hour beginning at 10 am every day of the school holidays and included in the entry price. They last around 30-40 minutes.

              House and garden tour for all ages

              Children’s tour – A Servant’s Life


  • Kids in the garden: Iced tea and Junket
  • Dates: Wednesdays 11and 18 Jan, Fridays 13 and 19 Jan (10:30am 12 Noon)
  • Fee 

Bookings online or through Box Office 02 9635 9488 or visit their website for more details:




27 November 2016, Old Government House Exhibition, 'at home'  (open through 22 January)

Saturday 17 December, Saturday 14 January Curators Tours 1:30 - 3pm $35 

We returned to the exhibition, at home discovering more works to please and to charm.  The point we wish to make today is many of the modern works directly relate to and fit comfortably within the permanent collection of Old Government House. We think placement of the ‘modern’ items is critical . . . functionally, emotionally and artistically and the curator David Clark has hit the mark with this exhibition.

  Michael Wee Photography


Yesterday, with guests from the U.S. — a Brit and an American, we saw the exhibition in a different way. Different eyes capture different views. The house (OGH) pleased my British friend – the Georgian design, the spacious rooms (for the Macquarie period) and the simplicity made sense to him.  And of the modern works? The Colonial Briggs Family Tea Service made of porcelain, wallaby pelt, copper and brass and representing the characteristics and stories of an early Tasmanian colonial family that pleased him. My friends had flown  in from Tasmania on Thursday, so I thought it extraordinary that he would be drawn to this beautiful tea service by Trent Jansen.


 The music room of Old Government House contains a tale and chair setting for the taking of tea. Here Trent Jansen's 'Briggs Family Tea Service' finds it's natural place.    Michael Wee Photography


His wife, an ex-pat in London for many years lingered among the textiles of Kate Swinson – the delightful designs of banksias, cockatoos and koalas and of children are were suggestive of the enchanting illustrations of Beatrix Potter  in her tales of Peter Rabbit and captivating animals. Very English.


Again, as we indicated last week, the ‘Armour Screen’ is truly a stand-out. Situated at the entrance hall, this work by Janos Korban and Stefanie Flaubert sits between design and sculpture. Geometric in design and stunning in its polished metal surfaces, it would excel in any large setting.



By now, Sydney journalists have found the exhibition:

From The Australian Financial Review, 15 November, “AT HOME demonstrates the refined, the expressive, the eccentric even quirky side of Australian design in a historical context.  And creates some fascinating dialogues.”

Exhibition opens daily, 10am - 4pm. Take a friend - there is so much to enjoy.