"West meets East", says Tim Elliott of the Sydney Morning Herald's Spectrum when writing about Parramatta's major new event this weekend -- November 4th - 8th.
Labelled the Australian Festival of South Asian Arts, events include comedy, silent film, dance, live theatre and concerts of major pop singers of India.  A 1929 silent film, A Throw of Dice, drew thousands to Trafalga Square (London). Some events are free to the public. Best to arrive early.
Parramatta's Riverside Theatre, The Roxy and Parramatta Park's outdoor amphitheatre, The Crescent will host events throughout the five days.
This is the hottest ticket in town, so look for a great weekend! We'll have more to share after we experience Parramasala 2010.
Elliot Krish
We are writing this opening post from a sunny hot beach on the coast of North Carolina (USA) on an annual holiday to visit friends & family. This island (Roanoke Island) has much in common historically with Parramatta, though it is a small village and Parramatta, a city. Here the first colonial settlement from England (1587) attempted to make a home and government for themselves. Here the first child, Virginia Dare was born on August 18 1587.
A recent discovery by archaeologists (June 2010) uncovered what was a first early community meeting place hidden in dense woods but not too far from water and while only of wood, this building would have been similar to buildings found in early Parramatta not too far from the river.
Over the next few weeks, we will write more from this location, which has other fame. . . Kitty Hawk, of the Wright Brothers and "1903 first flight" fame. But for now, we want to draw your attention to two of our supporters, Elliot Krish Fine Shirts (Harris Park) and Open Kitchen, a great upmarket cafe on Phillip Street.
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Open Kitchen
Open Kitchen is owned and managed by a great young couple. Currently they are open for breakfast & lunch only, but come spring, they are planning something new for Friday evenings!. The details for Open Kitchen is in Quick Planner Food & Wine.  Take a look.
Finally, if you have suggestions or "wants", please let us know. There is so much in Parramatta and Harris Park and we have only scratched the surface. If you have a favourite activity that we haven't found, please let us know.
Cheers and hope winter is over soon!