Anna Turco, photographer


Parramatta Park has hosted a number of serious activities since welcoming 2017 and the events keep on coming. Beginning 3 March, the outdoor cinema experience takes on new meaning -- Mov'in Bed  (movie & a bed) offers a six week schedule of cinema -- comfort and great flicks. Check it out -- prices vary.


The recent TropFest festival with a move from Centennial Park to Parramatta Park -- is the first time it has been hosted outside the eastern suburbs. It's the first time on a Saturday rather than Sunday and according to SMH, the first time half of the 16 films were directed by women. Lots of firsts. According to the official count (not ours) some 35,000 goers attended and even with the heat celebrated the win of Matt Day, The Mother Situation, a dark comedy about euthanisia.




So, it seems that Parramatta is growing up -- with events like Sydney Festival and TropFest moving out to Western Sydney.We hear from our friends with university age kids that Parramatta is the now place to go for entertainment and great eateries for the twenty-something crowd.




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